Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Guest Posts

Today marks our 5th Anniversary, 5 years and 475 posts.....

Writing 7-10 posts per month for the blog can be exhausting, so from time to time I invite others to write content. These are usually projects, but sometimes stories about a particular gun or ammunition.

Here are the guest posts from the past 5 years:

This first one came well into my second year, it encompassed some upgrades to a MAK90, performed by a local forum member see it here

This next one is from a friend of mine who is also a machinist, he wanted to add a real (and stable) scope mount to his Winchester model 290 rifle, see it here

This one was a review of the Hexmag for AR and STANAG compliant rifles, it was authored by a Veteran and local forum member. Click here

The following month another forum member posted a project that I thought was interesting, he allowed me to repost it on my blog: hkcavalier's Mossberg 500 Fowler Project

Three month's running I had guest posts, this one, another local forum member and long time friend built a custom Ruger Mark pistol, see the picture below and details here

hkcavalier was back again with another project, this time he works over his Marlin 1895 rifle, see it here

In the post Yes, Gun Porn Can be Art! we published the works of local photographer and gun guy "Ordnance Locker". His skills are extraordinary, see the rest of the pictures here


We have some very talented folks on my local gun forum, one of them that goes by the name of "Iron Worker" is an amateur knife maker, his work is pretty damn good. see the picture below and the two posts detailing the knife's construction here and here

Another local forum member experimented (and succeeded!) with making 7.62 x 25mm Tokarev brass from .223 Remington brass, a short but interesting project, see it here 

Forum member Cruffler allowed me to share his building of a retro M16A1 (semi-auto) rifle, see it here 

Forum member old11bravo purchased a surplus Browning HiPower and decided to refinish it using the rust bluing method, see the details here 

Another project by Cruffler, a custom Mauser Sporter Rifle, see it here

A Journey Back in Time showed us a forgotten cartridge and the rifle that fired it

Cruffler is back once more, this time he built a sporter from a Swedish Rolling Block, see it here

Iron Worker was back with another knife project, this one made from damascus steel, created with a section of steel cable, check it out

Forum member Yondering provided a tutorial on powder coating your home made lead bullets, see the write up here

Fellow gunsmith Black Hammer Arms allowed me to repost his article "What it takes to build a custom 1911"

See his Facebook page here and his Instagram page here 

A member of a national gun forum allowed me to post the details of his Post-Apocolyptic Shotgun, see the write up here

I won a contest in which the person of my choosing would get a new custom holster, I chose my neighbor and the holster maker agreed to send my pictures of the process. See the post here

We will continue to feature projects by other gunsmiths and home builders. If you have a project you would like me to document, contact me through the blog.